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Posted on November 24, 2010


It’s that time of the month, folks… the time for a bunch of links.

  • I won’t be referencing this with the rest of the staff, but I do think a nice, large printed version would go well in the roastery.
  • I’m certain you’ve always wondered about the difference between Yellow Catuai and Red Catuai.  Me, too.
  • This might be a little self-serving, but the fact that I feel as though I wish I had written this myself makes me think it’s very much worth reading through.  Seriously.  Click and read.  Bravo, Mr. Vaughan.
  • In trying to gather a variety of useful little links for myself, this certainly counts as something that catches my attention.
  • Dialing in… a lost art?  James wants to help us be better artists.
  • Think there’s no correlation between taste and temperature?  You’re dead wrong.  For the record, I like coffee best after it’s cooled some.  Mike Phillips says so, too.
  • Being sweet ain’t easy, Sugar.
  • I’m not certain I would actually taste or smell these, but still… they’re released in the first half an hour, post-grind.
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