Posted on October 23, 2010


I’ve experienced a sort of writer’s block for the past week.  I’ve clicked on the link to create a new post at least fifteen or fifty times since Sunday, and each time, I’ve typed almost nothing and simply closed the tab.  Oddly, though, I have at least five or ten different topics I’d like to write about buzzing around in my head, and all of them have widely varying reasons for not being written thus far.

With that in mind, I decided I’d go with an old stand-by:  Links.

The taste of an apple?  James Hoffmann wants to know.

Stereotyping from a Partner.  Sorry, buddy, but you’re not a barista.

What?  Someone say something about baristas?

Blending for filter coffee.  Yes, filter.  I’ve had conversations about this with Kane recently, but Mr. David Walsh takes this even further.

Geoff Watts’ Twitter feed from Indonesia in spreadsheet form via Google Docs.  It’s really, really nerdy coffee reading.

I love Tom.  He’s my coffee Yoda, idiosyncrasies and all.

Speaking of the wonders of pour-over brewing, Mr. Walsh gives a fair look at its unevenness… and makes me do a lot of wondering.

Portland is a one-horse town.  Not.

The Coffee Collective’s look at La Marzocco’s shiny new toy, the Strada.

Tim Wendelboe’s first thoughts on the same, but from back in August.

Logan Potts, barista in Nashville, has an admirer.  Secret?  Mmm… not so much.

Genius.  Absolute genius.

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