Posted on June 22, 2010


Here’s a quick observation:  Yes, much of my coffee interests as of late have been leaning toward blending for espresso.  Kenny made the observation that I’ve been somewhat zoned into that lately, and he’s right; I’m very keen on finding out what the results of my tinkering are.  Washed coffees, in particular, are an area of roasting for espresso that really do intrigue me, especially since there seem to be so many farms and washing stations out there at origin that are gaining steam in regard to improving the quality of their coffee.

On the other hand, I still consume the vast majority of my coffee as I generally always have, which is to say, I brew it in a non-espresso fashion.  Even when in a shop where I’m having my shots pulled, I still tend toward drinking the brewed coffee and spitting out the espresso.  You might say it’s just a matter of practicality, as I don’t like shaking so much that my hairs all fall out, but I think if I’m going to actually drink espresso, I’d like to really sit down and let myself linger over it.  I hope that makes sense.

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